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The innovative KAISER-KIT® range of wound care products by Globalkit AG was conceived by an experienced tissue viability specialist to meet the specific needs of medical and care professionals and their patients.

Globalkit AG Founder Michaela Kaiser is a practising wound care consultant with many years of experience in treating patients with a wide range of wound types. Her insights into the practical requirements of wound care professionals and discoveries while treating patients are at the heart of the new KAISER-KIT® wound care range.

KAISER-KIT® wound care product range

Faster wound treatment. Faster wound healing.

KAISER-KIT® wounds is an innovative single-use wound dressing change kit available from our partners IVF Hartmann AG. Containing all the materials required for a dressing change in one convenient pack, it helps wound care clinicians save time and promotes fast wound healing with naturally antimicrobial Zorflex® wound contact dressings from Chemviron.

The KAISER-KIT® spatula

05 Kaiser-Kit spatula

The KAISER-KIT® spatula is a sterile wound debridement spatula. Its very sharp and even edge helps professionals debride all types of devitalised tissue quickly and efficiently from the wound bed, while reducing the risk of harming new granulation.

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3 innovative wound care products at 3-nations conference

The Kaiser-Kit® wounds all-in-one wound dressing set was among three innovative wound care product ranges showcased at a recent three-nations vascular surgery conference held in Berne. The Vascular Surgery conference was held by the Swiss, German and Austrian Society for Vascular Surgery from 5-8 October. The new products were introduced to conference delegates during four workshops led by vascular surgeon, […]

Zorflex® study shows 51-day median wound closure time

A new study of 70 subjects on the direct application of Zorflex® contact dressings on chronic wounds of different aetiology has shown short, 51-day wound closure times. The dressings are used in KAISER-KIT® wounds all-in-one dressing application kits. Conducted by Dr Helene Scheer, Michaela Kaiser, Wound Expert, and Dr Urs Zingg of Limmattal Hospital in […]

KAISER-KIT® wounds dressing kit launched

Swiss army knives are renowned the world over for bringing together several useful things in a single compact unit. The same can be said of our new Swiss-designed KAISER-KIT® wounds wound dressing change kit, now available to clinicians in Switzerland from our partners IVF Hartmann.

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The KAISER-KIT® story

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During early 2014, Globalkit AG Founder Michaela Kaiser evaluated a novel antimicrobial wound contact dressing, Zorflex®. Some 45 participating patients were treated, with a variety of wound types ranging from chronic wounds and surgical wounds to tumour-related and traumatic wounds.

It was found that the Zorflex® contact layer stopped wound exudation and promoted spontaneous healing, and wound closure was achieved much more quickly than usual. The textile worked successfully on different wound types, with no allergic or adverse reactions. The very promising results were presented at EWMA 2014 in Madrid.

Seeing the potential of the dressing to assist fellow wound care professionals and heal patients more quickly, Michaela Kaiser conceived a wound dressing change kit. It would contain Zorflex®  and all of the other materials required for a dressing change in a compact, single-use kit. And so the KAISER-KIT® wound care range was born.